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Initial Consultation          $125

Includes Iridology assessment, pH analysis, Foods for Wellness scan, Balance scan, Chinese face, nail and tongue assessment, nutrition and lifestyle goals

Follow-Up          $50

Foods for Wellness Scan (only)          $25

Lifestyle Assessment          $40

Includes the assessment of all areas of an individual's lifestyle including exercise, sleep, cleaning products, personal care products, stress management 

Healthy Life Program          $350

Includes 6 appointments that assess  nutritional strengths and weaknesses.  It also educates the client on beneficial lifestyle changes in the areas of stress management, sleep, personal care and cleaning products, exerecise  and positive outlook.  

Ear Candling      $15

Ear candling, also called ear coning is an age-old remedy used to clear the ears and improve general health. A hollow candle-like wax cone is used. One end is placed in the ear, the other end is lit, creating soothing warm smoke that enters the ear canal, loosening and removing ear wax and toxins. Some clients have even reported debris from the sinuses and nasal passages being dislodged and released. We use only all natural beeswax ear candles, not the more common, cheaper paraffin ones that contain chemicals and solvents.

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